Cycle maintenance

Why is this important?

Providing staff with bike maintenance sessions, repair information and tools on site can help to improve cycle safety and personal confidence. According to the National Travel Survey 2015, 42% of households own bikes, but only a small proportion use them regularly.

Repair facilities will also help persuade staff with unused bikes to repair them and start cycling again safely, for work or for leisure.

A man maintains a bicycle

What this toolkit offers

This toolkit offers step-by-step information on promoting cycle maintenance within the workplace including:

We recommend that the following essential items are included and kept ‘topped up’.

Track pump£12 - £25
Puncture repair kits£2 - £10
Tools – Allen key set and folding multi-tool£5 - £10 (multi-tool with 9 attachments).
Bicycle oil/lube£4 - £10
Disposable latex gloves£5
Total (approximate)£28

Additional items could include a front and rear lights set (from £3). This could help staff to get home safely (and legally) if their batteries run flat.


It might be necessary to submerge the inner tube in bowl of water to locate the puncture. Having a washing up bowl or bucket which can be used for this purpose is a useful addition to the kit.


Rather than buying new puncture repair kits when all the patches have been used, you can buy the patches separately for about the same price.  The same is true of the glue, which might dry up over time, or you can buy self-adhesive patches.

Track pump: this is a stand-up pump with a pressure gauge. This type of pump is much more effective at achieving recommended tyre pressures than hand-held pumps.

This type of pump will typically have a dual head, to accommodate either ‘Presta’ or ‘Schrader’ valves (see graphic below)

Presta and Schrader valves

Track pump

Bike Oil / Lube

Keep chains running smoothly and reduce wear and tear on mechanical parts.

‘Green’ or ecologically sensitive bicycle oils are available.

Green oil

Puncture repair kits include as standard:

  • Patches (various sizes and shapes)
  • Glue
  • Sandpaper (or similar to ‘scuff’ the rubber).
  • Crayon / chalk (to mark the site of the puncture).
  • Instructions

! Tyre levers may or may not be included

Puncture repair kits

You will need a set of Allen keys in the kit for adjusting saddle height, brakes etc.

A cyclist’s best friend is a 5mm Allen key!

Allen keys

There are different types of Allen keys available such as this folding multi-tool.

These are pocket sized and can be carried easily on a bike for a quick fix

Folding multi tool

Some bikes may have hex nuts rather than quick release.

This means they may require an appropriate spanner to remove the wheel and fix a puncture.

Hex nut

Now that you have assembled a cycle maintenance kit it’s important to promote it to staff.

This could include:

  • Download a template poster to advertise cycle maintenance classes at work.
  • Send the template email below to staff.
  • Organise a lunch time session to talk through the contents of the kit. This could include watching a ‘how to’ video guide for repairing a puncture.
  • Providing information for staff such as cycle maintenance picture guides.
  • Organising maintenance skills sessions for those cycling to work. For information on local providers of cycle maintenance classes see Everybody Sports and Recreation Trust or Cycling Training Ltd.
  • Speaking to local bike shops to see if they run cycle maintenance workshops and advertising these to staff.
  • Download the Bike Doctor App on the go to access 20 step-by-step repairs.

Dear Colleague,
You can now cycle into work with the reassurance of being able to repair your bike if you have a problem.
A basic cycle maintenance kit is available to get you home in an emergency and help you to look after your bike.

The kit is kept [location]. Ask [Name] [Telephone number] to borrow it.

The kit contains:
A pump

  • Bicycle oil
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Disposable gloves
  • Tools
  • Instructions
  • Links to ‘how to’ videos and picture guides.

Don’t be shy to ask for help, whether you need an extra pair of hands, or some additional know how.


Sideways Cycles
Tel: 01270 883785


Velocity Mobile Bicycle Mechanic
Tel: 07810 510849

ATS Cycles
Tel: 07712 042278


Cycle Centre
Tel: 01260 297837

Freewheeler Bikes- Mobile Bicycle Repairs

Tel: 01260 271233 / 07887 393025

Tel: 01260 285840


Massey Cycles
Tel: 01270 216986

Supreme Cycles
Tel: 01270 585640

Williams Cycles
Tel: 01270 255672

Foundation BMX
Tel: 01270 501010

Community Recycle Cycles
Tel: 01270 583019

Tel: 01270 586652

Sports Direct
Tel: 0344 332 5203

Holmes Chapel

Holmes Chapel Bikes
Tel: 01477 533074


Bikes ‘N’ Gear
Tel: 01565 750273


Ride & Repair
Tel: 07757 940181

Sports Direct
Tel: 0343 777 1278

Tel: 01625 430328

Tel: 01625 611375

Evans Cycles
Tel: 01625 210010

Peak Cyclesport
Tel: 01625 426333

Mac Cycles
Tel: 01625 400141

Soccer Bikes Ltd
Tel: 01625 669507


Steve’s Cycles
Tel: 07866 534966

A F Cycles
Tel: 01270 628870


The Cycle Junction
Tel: 01270 767115


Tel: 01625 543422

Rick Green Cycles
Tel:  01625 532325

Print version of this toolkit

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