Worried about falling off your bike or getting injured while cycling? Good news – cycling is really safe.

In fact, the national cycling charity Cycling UK reckons you’re more likely to be injured in an hour of gardening than in 60 minutes of bike riding!

There are a few simple steps you can take to make your pedalling even safer, though:

Cyclist wearing a helmet
  • Follow the Highway Code and don’t ride on the pavement (unless it’s a designated cycle path)
  • Watch your speed in wet or icy weather
  • Consider wearing a helmet
  • Look after your bike and keep it performing well
  • Keep clear of the kerb and ride decisively
  • Make sure motorists can see or hear you, your signals, your lights, your reflective clothing and your bell
  • Stay alert and aware of vehicles and other road users

You can find more safety tips from Cycling UK and British Cycling.

Another good idea is taking advantage of training courses near you that can improve your knowledge and ability to stay safe on the roads.