Rail and cycle

Combining cycling and rail travel is a great way to get from A to B quickly.

If you’re commuting, why not cycle from home to the station, and then from the station to your place of work – it can cut journey times dramatically. Or take the train out of town and enjoy a ride in the country.

A man boards a train carrying his bicycle

Train station cycling facilities

Our local rail stations have facilities for cyclists who want to combine rail travel and cycling. These include storage areas to keep your bikes safe, bike pumps and tool stations and even bicycle hire.


Crewe station has space for 190 bikes on four platforms and in two station car parks. All six offer sheltered storage space for your bike and can be found in the following locations …

  • Platform 5 (north end, 44 spaces)
  • Platform 6 (north end, 40 spaces)
  • Platform 11 (north end, 44 spaces)
  • Platform 12 (in two racks, 34 spaces)
  • Pedley Street short stay car park (18 spaces)
  • Weston Road car park (10 spaces)

Lifts and under-platform tunnels make getting round the station on your bike easy. We’ve also recently worked with Virgin Trains to provide a bike tool station and bike pump for cyclists travelling into and out of Crewe. These are located on platform 5 and between platforms 6 and 11.

Check out this video on the facilities for cyclists at Crewe Station …


Macclesfield Station has space for 57 bikes in a dedicated cycle shelter. Stands and lockers are located at the north end of platform 2. Stands are free to use but there is a charge to use lockers. The storage area is protected by CCTV cameras. A lift allows step-free access to all platforms via a bridge.


Wilmslow Station has space for 30 bikes on free to use bike stands. A subway provides step-free access from the booking hall to Manchester and Crewe platforms. The Manchester Airport platform can be accessed via a ramp from the station car park.

For details of what local facilities are available for cyclists at local Cheshire East train stations visit National Rail Enquiries – Cycling and cyclists.

Taking your bike on the train

If you’re planning on taking your bike on the train, check with different train operators as each has different rules. If you’re using Virgin services for example, you’ll need a reservation before you can take your bike on the train. However, local Northern Services don’t require you to have one. See links below.

Train operating companies

PlusBike – available on the National Rail Enquiries website or smartphone app – can provide more information about rail-cycle travel.