Staff Induction Packs

Businesspeople meeting and working at officeThis toolkit will provide you with two options for including travel information in your staff induction packs.

This toolkit offers information on:

Including sustainable travel information in your staff induction packs is a great way to promote different travel options from the beginning and gives staff other travel options before they get used to driving into work every day.

Below is a checklist of recommended information to develop your own travel information for staff induction packs.

Walking and cycling: Include details of nearby routes, cycle to work scheme, training opportunities, bicycle user groups, pool bikes, cycle parking, lockers, showers, drying rooms, and buddy schemes. Including information on the health benefits can encourage people to become healthier through walking and cycling – see our walking and cycling toolkits.

Public transport: Include information on bus and train times, services and availability. You can also include useful websites – see our public transport toolkit for more information.

Car sharing: Include link to car share website. If you have your own group then include this and include information on car share spaces. Including information on the cost savings of car sharing can encourage staff to try this mode of travel – see our car sharing toolkit.

Motorcycling: Include information on parking, lockers, showers, and drying rooms.

Driving: Include details of your car parking system, eco driving, car free days and car park charging schemes.

You may wish to consider purchasing a travel planning software package such as myPTP. This online tool offers tailored advice to individuals showing them the best way to get to their destination using all modes of transport. This provides businesses with the ability to provide travel advice on a huge scale. The recipient needs to complete information regarding their commute (start/finish times etc.) and the travel plan is emailed directly to them.

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  • If your organisation has a travel plan then it is useful to outline the key aspects to staff
  • Flexible working: Include details of teleconferencing, videoconferencing or flexible working opportunities if these are appropriate
  • Travel for work: Include details of any Health & Safety guidance relating to business travel
  • Business mileage rates for car and bicycle and travel expense claims
  • Contact details for further information

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