Using the Travel Survey

Running a travel survey is a good way of finding out how staff travel to work currently and what barriers are stopping your staff from travelling sustainably. It is also a good way of establishing support for particular measures which you could introduce to enable staff to travel more sustainably.

Modeshift Travel Website

This toolkit offers information on:

The Modeshift Travel Toolkit website offers a quick and easy facility to survey staff.

After free registration on the Cheshire East Modeshift Travel Toolkit, simply go to the Travel Surveys section, there will be a unique web link which can then be emailed to your employees. When your employees open the web link, it will automatically take them to the online survey for your organisation.

Once your employees have completed the survey, the results will be stored securely and you can then either download a summary report or download the raw data.

There are many ways to promote the survey to staff:

  • Put up posters on noticeboards/in reception/in toilets.
  • Consider offering a prize draw, with a winner selected at random from survey respondents to encourage participation. While a cycling prize might seem a good idea, it might be counterproductive as it is more likely to encourage staff that is already cycling, thereby distorting survey results.
  • Send round an initial email to staff with the link and an explanation of why they should do the survey and get a senior member to encourage colleagues to complete the survey. Send out a reminder email.

Template Email


To coincide with [event] we would like everyone to complete a short online travel questionnaire.  The information obtained from the questionnaire will then be used to improve travel options to our site.

What is the survey for?

The survey is being used to find out how staff travel to work in order to see if there is any extra support [name of business] can offer staff with their travel options.

Why is it important for [name of business]?

The survey will help us improve travel options to our site, reduce the environmental impact of our business practices, reduce pressure on our car park and also contribute to maintaining and improving staff welfare.

How do I get involved?

Please take five minutes before [date] to complete the travel questionnaire.  It can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

[Include link]

All data entered via this process will be used only for the purposes of supporting our staff to travel to our site and will be saved automatically on completion of the form. 

Thank you for your support.

The Toolkits reminder system will send an automatically generated reminder email when the next travel survey is due in 12 months.  This will be delivered to the registered Toolkits user. This useful feature ensures that you will always be reminded to reissue the travel survey to staff so that they complete a travel survey each year, and at the same time of year () thereby establishing comparable travel data. The email contains a link to opt out of receiving further notifications from the system should you no longer wish to receive auto reminders.

If you require assistance to run the survey or experience any technical problems in doing so, please contact us at

Print version of this toolkit

Travel survey guide (PDF, 40KB)